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Benefits of Raw Milk That YOU Need!

Inside: The benefits of raw milk are astounding. If your family members are milk drinkers, you will find it worth it to look into raw milk. If you are a goat owner and drink their milk (yum!), you can read more about Raising AWESOME Goats here.

It’s true. Really, really true: raw milk is not dangerous. It will not kill you.


But raw milk has gotten a bad rap.

In reality, you are 35,000 times more likely to get sick from other food sources than raw milk!

And of all the 48 million illnesses around the world, ONLY 42 of them are attributed to raw milk. (Raw Milk Information)

So, if you haven’t been convinced…yet…to drink raw milk…I’ll give you even more information to really make you convinced. 🙂

Raw Milk Benefits | Goat Milk | Cow Milk | Homesteading | The benefits of raw milk are astounding. If your family members are milk drinkers, you will find it worth it to look into how raw milk can and will benefit your health and vitality. The statistics prove that raw milk is not only safe but extremely good for you.

The Benefits of Raw Milk–The Nutritional Makeup: 

  1. Raw milk is one of the most nutrient dense foods available
    1. What does this mean? Nutrient-dense foods are foods that have a lot of nutrients but relatively few calories.
  2. Fat soluble vitamins: A, D, K2
    1. Supports brain and nervous system
    2. Development, focus and brain development, bone density 
    3. Helps to balance hormones
  3. Minerals and Electrolytes: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium
    1. Our cells, particularly our muscles, use certain chemicals together with water to make sure that the electrical charges in our bodies work properly. They allow us to perform all the “bioelectrical” functions such as moving, heart-beating, thinking, and seeing. 
  4. Omega 3’s, CLA and Short Chain Fatty Acids
    1. Helps control issues related to inflammation, slow metabolism and stress resistance
    2. Connected to cancer prevention, fat loss and healthier cholesterol levels 
  5. Probiotic from whey, kefir and yogurt
    1. Cultured dairy foods give the highest amounts of probiotic than any other food available
  6. Whey protein
    1. Burns fat, retains lean muscle

What does this excellent nutritional makeup do for your body?

  1. Reduces allergies How?
    1. Creates a naturally immunizing effect in the body against sickness and infection
    2. Nutrients and enzymes aid in immune system health and digestion
    3. Boosts dental health
    4. Supports skeletal growth
  2. Skin health improvement How?
    1. Many report improvements with eczema, psoriasis, and acne
    2. The omega-3’s and saturated fats hydrate the skin
    3. The probiotic kills off the bad bacteria in the gut which leads to improvements in skin quality
  3. Helps prevent nutritional deficiencies How?
    1. The minerals mentioned above are so very important for cellular function, hydration, building bone density, blood circulation, detoxification, muscle health and metabolism. BUT most Americans are lacking in these minerals considerably considering diets high in sugar, added fats and sodium.
  4. Extreme gut health through probiotic How?
    1. Raw milk products like kefir, yogurt and cheese give your gut what it needs to fight against Invaders like e-coli, and parasites and gives your gut the microorganisms needed to absorb nutrients. 
    2. Some disorders probiotic rich foods are known to help:
      • Colon cancer
      • Diarrhea
      • Inflammatory bowel disease
      • Intestinal infections
      • Irritable bowel syndrome
      • Skin infections
      • Weakened immune system
      • Urinary track infections
      • Vaginal yeast infections
  5. No added sugar or synthetic ingredients are brought into your body. How?
    1. Homogenized and pasteurized milk have added thickeners and shelf stabilizers and the process itself causes the fat in the milk to become oxidized and rancid. But there is no added sugar in raw milk like many dairy products contain to boost their taste. 

What makes it un-raw? Pasteurization.

What is pasteurization and what does it do to the milk you drink?

Pasteurization is explained this way by the FDA: Pasteurization is a process that kills harmful bacteria by heating milk to a specific temperature for a set period of time. First developed by Louis Pasteur in 1864, pasteurization kills harmful organisms responsible for such diseases as listeriosis, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, diphtheria, and brucellosis.

We all want to keep our families safe as we eat and drink, right? So, the idea behind pasteurization is good. Really good. Except what does it do to our milk?

  1. Key nutrients and enzymes are reduced or completely damaged and therefore the body cannot use them because they are very hard to digest.
  2. Vitamin B and C are decreased not only through the pasteurization process but also by sitting on the supermarket shelves for periods of time. 
  3. Destroys the enzymes needed to break down and utilize key nutrients thereby causing many people to be lactose intolerant. Many people’s symptoms of intolerance are gone when they switch to raw milk.

That’s a whole lot of information to absorb in one sitting. But remember your body absorbs a lot more when drinking raw milk 😉 

If you and your family are milk drinkers, it really is worth looking into. And not only should you look into raw milk, consider goat milk. For many reasons it is considered even more highly nutritional than cow’s milk. There are many Astounding Benefits of Goat Milk!

Read more about why the milk you drink should be raw , Raw Milk Reality, Raw Milk and Cheese Rise in Popularity

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Raw Milk Benefits | Goat Milk | Cow Milk | Homesteading | The benefits of raw milk are astounding. If your family members are milk drinkers, you will find it worth it to look into how raw milk can and will benefit your health and vitality. The statistics prove that raw milk is not only safe but extremely good for you.


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