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About Us

Read more about us and our heritage and our horse breeding foundation:


Our goal as we develop the blood lines in our horses, grow in sustainable living on our property and work out our faith in all manner of real-ness, is to never, ever forget our heritage. We turn our eyes to the future.  We believe that “we make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps” (Proverbs 16:9).  And that a good man leaves an inheritance, or heritage, for his children’s children (Proverbs 13:22).

Heritage Club Stables

The two brands that we are proud to call our own is the “Club” and “11 quarter circle”.  Both were passed down from our grandparents and both are cherished.Club and 11 Quarter circle

The name Heritage Club Stables was coined when the Ferdinand’s brought home the first of Hank Wilson’s horses to Lewistown, MT. Old pictures from the 80’s have the first Heritage Club Stables logo proudly placed in the corners.

We chose to carry on the name because heritage is important to us. Without heritage what do we have? Heritage is our past that is deeply and beautifully linked to our future. 

The property we use for our horse business is owned, for the time being, by Delci’s parents, Duane and Donna Ferdinand.  After Hank Wilson, Donna’s dad, passed away in 1973, she inherited 13 Mares and 3 studs.  A handful to say the least.  At the time she was in Brainerd, MN but eventually moved to Lewistown and after a series of events, bought property on the outskirts of Lewistown in order to keep the horses. The three studs were Shujet AAAT, Shubird AAA and Te N Teen.

We are currently working on our breeding foundation, while always remembering our heritage.  Be sure to read more about our breeding foundation and our heritage!

You can read more about our heritage here.

Heritage Homestead

But horses aren’t our only vision with goals. Bill and Delci have grown to love a lifestyle of self-sustainability. There is nothing like providing your family with food that you’ve grown from start to finish and know exactly where it’s been, what it’s been fed and how it’s been taken care of.

Farming, homesteading…whatever the label, is made of hard work, determination and thinking creatively every step of the way, usually with lack of funds and resources. But it is so worth it. Goats, bees, chickens, gardening, raising bum calves, pigs…all the hard work pays off in satisfaction of soul and health of body.

Heritage Everlasting

We also personally believe there is a connection between all of this life we live and love, and God, our Creator. Despite all the grand failings, errors and mishaps chosen in this life, He still chooses to love me. He still chooses to love you.

Life is full of questions and sometimes…most times…there is no clear answer. As we write our posts, we will wrestle through the many questions of life and faith right along with you.

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