"What if ... my kids grow up and don't end up following Jesus with their whole heart?"



"Extraordinary You" can be one tool that will help transform the lives of your children.


I hope that after reading this book to your precious little one that they will...


1. No longer feel inadequate. But will understand and utilize the extraordinary grace of God.


2. Have the ability to explain what it means to live for Jesus. And as they understand, they will share and begin to live it out!


3. Know what the meaning of their name is and why it is important to know.


4. Realize Who's they are and why they are extraordinary.


Follow along as author and illustrator, Delci Plouffe, reads snippets from the book and explains just how powerful these truths can be for each and every child. 

(Watch for a sneak peak of the FREE bonuses at the end!)


As a parent who loves Jesus, you want your children to follow Him as well. But what if they don't? 


Does this fear inch too close to home?


The world has a pull. And the wily Destroyer desires to wreck havoc.


Are you so overwhelmed with all of life... 


the endless laundry,


the sweeping,


and putting toys back in the toy box... 


that it feels impossibly hard to teach and continually direct a young one's heart in the direction of life and hope in Jesus? 


I get it.


But I've found a truth that is slowly sinking into my own heart, even now, years past my childhood.


And I desire so deeply for my children to know this and live it out.


This truth is explained in the story of Shani in "Extraordinary You."

Here's everything you will receive today when you order

"Extraordinary You: The Life You're Meant to Live":

One soft cover book, signed by author and illustrator, Delci Plouffe.


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1. Complete Sunday School lesson with outline, lesson plan, coloring pages, puzzle, take home cards and game ideas


2. 5-day family devotional presented in PDF format


3. Homeschool worksheet that can be coupled with the Sunday School lesson




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BONUS #1: Complete Sunday School Lesson


BONUS #2: 5-Day Family Devotional


BONUS #3: Homeschool Worksheet


BONUS #4: 7 Coloring Pages



Join me TODAY and begin teaching your children the value of living the extraordinary life!

Imagine if your children...


...realized just how important they are to God.


...understood the good plans God has for them and that

even the angels are talking about it!


...lived a full life knowing they don't have to be perfect all on their own.


...found value in the meaning of their name and allowed it to inspire and help them fufill their destiny. 


...found the freedom to fly with their faith that connects them to His powerful grace. 

Here are a couple reasons why teaching your children about the grace of God should be a top priority:


1. Faith is our "connection" to God. When we are connected to Him, His grace helps us in everything we do.


2. No matter where they find themselves in this life, they will be able to rely on the grace of God to help them be extraordinary, just like Daniel did when he found himself a captive in a new land.




No matter what happens in our nation, we need our children to be prepared to shine ever brighter in a darkening world. 

"Young Shani asks some very important questions. Questions that are truly life altering for anyone of any age. You are so very important to God and are meant to live an extraordinary life--a God inspired life that is anything but ordinary."


~Extraordinary You: The Life You're Meant to Live

Hey! I'm Delci


I'm the writer and founder behind "A Life of Heritage". I'm a country girl at heart, and I love to be surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes... and I love to NOT wear shoes. I also love, love! my garden and the summer months.


I wrote my first book when I was in fourth grade on a yellow, lined legal pad...yes, about unicorns, heros and wild adventures. And a love for writing has continued. Sharing what God is teaching me by writing at "A Life of Heritage" has been an outlet that inspires and encourages me to grow even more.


I also love to draw. The illustrations in "Extraordinary You" are drawn by my own hands!


"I read this book and it inspires me. And even if my children don't read it every night before bed, I know that I can teach them these principles every day of their lives, especially if I keep it close to my own heart."

~Delci Plouffe 

You may have some questions...


1. When will I receive my book?


The book will immediately be shipped out upon payment completion


2. When will I have access to my FREE downloads?


They will be immediately emailed to you for instant download 


3. Can I have my book personalized for the little one whom I will be giving the book to?


Yes! In the memo of your order, please include the name of the child and a special, personalized inscription will be written in the first page of the book