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Simple Strip Cup for Milking: A Homestead Hack

Inside: Would you love to have a simple, FREE alternative to a strip cup? We've got the solution for a simple strip cup for milking. This is one of our posts in our Raising Goats series. 

Did you know that you need a strip cup for milking?

I’ll be honest, the first year I purchased and brought home my milk goats, I didn’t use a strip cup. We never did have any problems but as you learn more and more, you realize that there is always a better way. 

So now I’ve started using a simple, inexpensive and easy way to capture those first streams of milk. There are several reasons that you definitely want keep the first “squirts” from the rest of your milk. 

If you follow the link to the rest of the article posted on the 104 Homestead, you will learn (or be reminded of 😉 ) two things:

  1. Why you should be using a strip cup 
  2. How this hack can save you time, money and possibly even some spilled milk

Click on over and let me know what you think! (Video included!)

A Simple DIY Strip Cup Trick for Milking

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goat gifts for any goat lover
A simple and effective pallet goat shelter that is large enough to hold more than two or three goats. It will keep off the rain, snow and cold!

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