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Every Time You Ride, Do This

A supple horse is the key to any good ride.

No one wants to battle a horse that is impossible to turn. A horse who is continually ripping the reins down, can quickly deflate a good ride. And a horse who is moving ever forward when you are clearly asking, “Go that way!” can just make you plain mad, right?

A supple horse is a key ingredient to a fun ride.

Horses | Horse Training | Arena Exercises | A supple horse is the key to any good ride. Download 10 arena exercise patterns. Sign up and gain access to a library of free resources for horse owners

But it also will take time, practice and diligence to get the soft mouthed horse you desire. It is a habit to form every time you get on your horse. Ask your horse to give to the bit on both sides, without raising his head or sticking out his nose, at a walk and then a trot and finally at the lope.

There are great patterns you can utilize whenever you ride to soften, supple and warm up your horse.

Download these free patterns. Have them laminated and bring them to the barn with you so you can have them handy at any moment to refresh your memory.

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thumbnail of 10 Arena Excercise Patterns

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Horses | Horse Training | Arena Exercises | A supple horse is the key to any good ride. Download 10 arena exercise patterns. Sign up and gain access to a library of free resources for horse owners


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