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What I Wish I Had Known Before Owning Goats

Inside: 9 things I wish I had known before owning goats. Don't you agree with #5?? But does it stop us from owning them?? Nope! Once a goat lover, always one. This is one of many posts about Raising Goats. Be sure to check out the rest of the information available. 

There are a few things I wish I had known before I brought home my first goats. And since those first few days of goat ownership, I’ve learned so much!

Here are a few things to think about before you bring your first goats home.

What I wish I had known before owning goats: 

  1. The cream doesn’t separate. I really didn’t know that goat milk doesn’t separate like cow’s milk. Before picking up my two nannies, I dreamed of butter and cream. Not the case! Goat milk is naturally homogenized, which makes it as close to human milk as possible. That’s why many who are lactose intolerant are able to drink goat milk without problems. But, sadly, unless you have a cream separator…or the patience to skim a bit of cream at a time and save it in the freezer until you have a larger volume, butter dripping off the edges of your homemade bread won’t be a problem.
  2. There are restrictions to selling milk. I had no idea that Montana, of all places…you know, the wild, wild west?…has some of the tightest restrictions on selling milk of all the states. In other words, it is completely illegal to sell fresh milk for human consumption. Double check state regulations if you would like to sell any milk. 
  3. Your fridge will have every shelf full of milk and yogurt and goat cheese. Really. It will be full. And then you realize it only makes sense to get bottle fed calves and a pig to help slop up the rest! You’re welcome! 🙂
  4. They are pickier eaters than portrayed. Goats eat tin cans, right? Ha! We brought home our first pygmy goats to take care of the weeds in our shelter belt. The only thing they did was completely lay bare our Caragana bushes waist high. I did pull out my sweater sleeve from my Billy’s mouth, however. I do believe it saw the inside of his stomach because I pulled and pulled and it kept coming. Goats really prefer brush, leaves and broadleaf plants more than they like typical pasture grass.
  5. They waste a lot of hay.  I have a theory: I think goats pass down a varied version of Goldilocks to their kids: “This hay is too thick, this hay is too thin, these prized flowers in the flower bed are just right.” 
  6. Billy’s really, REALLY do stink. You are warned about the stink, but the reality of the musky experience sets you back a bit. And then you have to explain to your mom why she shouldn’t be scratching your sweet billy between the eyes and under his chinny-chin-chin. How do you explain that properly?
  7. The kids are so cute, it’s hard to say goodbye. Baby goats are the sweetest little things ever. Snugly and ready to be best friends. After weaning day, there just may be a lump in your throat as you say goodbye. 
  8. It’s so important to contact your extension agent right off. Before you get your first goats, or shortly after, it is so important to know the levels of copper and selenium in your area. There are so many complications that can come up when goats are short on minerals, even if free choice mineral is offered. If your area is short, you will need to give your goat’s copper boluses several times a year and/or BoSe shots as well. 
  9. Know your water source. Did you know that high levels of sulfur and iron in water will tie up the absorption of copper and zinc, two very important minerals for your goats? Just be aware of how your water could potentially affect your livestock.   

Does any of this stop us?? Nope! Once a goat lover, always a goat lover. It is all quite worth it. 

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  1. LOL yep! That about sums it up.. we learned within mins that if water can get through the fence, so can a goat! That and they are afraid of rain (and the hose!) hahaa oh but they are soo much fun! 😀

    • They are sooo much fun! And yes, can get out of almost anything lol

    • Oh! I hope you acquiring goats doesn’t take long 🙂 I’m so thankful, our goat barn is overflowing with hay and we have a fridge full of yummy milk 🙂

  2. Actually, in Montana, it’s not just illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption, it’s illegal to DISTRIBUTE raw milk for ANY purpose. It’s just crazy, but I find that you can usually sell it “on the down low”, if you want to take the risk.

    • Yes! Isn’t it the craziest thing?? I hope the raw milk bill in Montana is rewritten well and brought up again soon…and passed!

      • I’m afraid that the small Grade A dairies will never allow it…they have too much money invested and are afraid of the competition!

        • *sigh and eye roll* It’s too bad people and companies view competition as all or nothing instead of beneficial for all involved.