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Hey, I'm Delci.    YOU can be self-sufficient.   YOU can earn income right where you are. 

Grab your "90 Ideas to Make a Profit on Your Property" worksheet.

And learn how to manage money God's way, especially considering the current financial crisis we may be facing.

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More than Financial Peace FREE Video Course
More than Financial Peace FREE Video Course
Have you gone through systems like the Dave Ramsey system (which is really good!!) but for some unknown reason, you still struggle financially every single month? Your family fights about money, you may be getting foreclosure letters, your life is falling apart no matter what you do. What is going on? Why is this happening? Watch this video series now, to get you started on understanding what in the world is going on.
"My River of Wealth"
Do you know all the "right" answers for your finances or maybe have gone through the Dave Ramsey system but still struggle every month and live paycheck to paycheck? There may be some serious spiritual problems working in your life that are preventing you from finding true freedom that allows you to truly bless your family and the people around you with your wealth. Complete our FREE course "More than Financial Peace" and receive $30 off this course "My River of Wealth". (Pay with Credit Card or Paypal)
Extraordinary You
"What if ... my kids grow up and don't end up following Jesus with their whole heart?" This book can be one tool that will help transform the lives of your children. Book mailed, signed by the author. Click on the image to see the free bonuses included!
"Filled With Grace" Bundle
Sunday School Lesson, 5-Day Family Devotional, Coloring Pages, Home School Worksheet, Prayer Cards, and Puzzle
"Filled with Grace" Sunday School Lesson
Based on the book "Extraordinary You", this Sunday School lesson will walk students through the story of Daniel, with lesson questions, games instructions, coloring, and craft section and take home cards.
"Filled with Grace" 5-Day Family Devotional
5 days of focused family devotions specifically looking at the grace filled life and living an extraordinary life in the eyes of Jesus.
"Filled with Grace" Coloring Pages
7 coloring pages based on the book Extraordinary You
"Filled with Grace" Home School Worksheet
Homeschool worksheet to teach about the powerful grace of God.
"Filled With Grace" Prayer Cards
Printable prayer cards for both parent and child. Fill them out and make them personal.
"Filled with Grace" Puzzle
Fly to Freedom Through God's Grace printable puzzle

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