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Outside Circle Cowboy

outside circle

Big pastures, mounted, dog trailing behind, looking for cows: the outside circle. The big spaces that cause most cowboys to yearn for an untamed land. The most wild and untamed, being the heart of a cowboy. Taming that, now that takes a big and mighty God. He alone has the strength to mold this heart of gold, the wisdom to move this mind of steel and the power to melt this toughened soul of a cowboy. He alone is God, but you are not alone. God is speaking to you, as you work with cows and your horse, as you ride that outside circle.

enjoy our recent OUTSIDE CIRCLE COWBOY posts

The quest for truth and growing in the knowledge of God is a never ending process. We have a free resource page for God lovers just like you, our subscriber

Free Resource Page for God Lovers

The quest for truth and growing in the knowledge of God and His saving grace is a never-ending process. It's a beautifully hard process, but so worth it. And it ...
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Put the Bit in Your Own Mouth, Cowboy!

There is something about the feel of a supple horse. Power: contained. Energy: refined. A collected, supple horse is forward movement with purpose.  ...
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Cowboy | Christian Cowboy | Cowboy Lifestyle | 9 Bible verses every cowboy should know. The attitude and example of any cowboy can have a huge rippling affect throughout the entire community.

9 Bible Verses Every Cowboy Should Know

You're a cowboy and you love horses, cows, and wide open spaces. We get it. The desire to kick a leg over a horse and chase a cow are born into ...
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Cowboy Lifestyle | Christian cowboy | Spiritual Encouragement | Christian Living | Worn out saddle. Turn to Him always: during the smooth long trot of life and while hanging upside down, hung up in the saddle of unexpected frustrations.

Worn out Saddle and a Worn out Bible

Worn out saddle The saddle feels soft, yet strong and firm. The cowboy's deep breath inhales the smell of fresh morning air. He lifts the saddle over the horse's back, ...
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40 Ways to Celebrate Lent in the Cowboy World

I must confess: I grew up in the church but to celebrate Lent was only in the peripherals of my faith. I definitely, most probably would fail the Lent quiz ...
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Keep on being a cowboy. Keep on living life. And while you do all of that, live out these 6 ways to evangelize. Be like Jesus: change the world around you.

6 Ways to Evangelize in Your Cowboy World

Evangelize is a scary word. At least to me it is. It conjures up thoughts of door to door knocking, handing out tracks and asking people "Do you love Jesus?" ...
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4 things you should tell your boss before hiring on if you're a Christian cowboy. Be strong and courageous and lay it out straight from the beginning.

Boss, I’m a Christian

4 things you should tell your boss before hiring on if you're a Christian cowboy Being hired on in any job can be both an exciting and terrifying time. A ...
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It's not worth it to lose ground spiritually during this time either. Here are 5 ways you can stay spiritually connected during calving season

5 Ways to Stay Spiritually Connected During Calving Season

1 am. 3 am. 5 am. The clock doesn't stop during calving season. And with ranchers in Montana beginning to calve in January, there can be some pretty cold days ...
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You, cowboy, can worship in the wild blue yonder but please understand that it isn't all you need. You do need more and the church needs more of you.

Church and Cowboys

Is the wild, blue yonder enough? "I haven't gone to church since I was a youngin'. Nope. Out here," he releases the toothpick from his mouth and with it, gestures ...
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