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Light Reflections

The author of light and light Himself, beckons: be light reflections

Light Reflections

Jesus is the light of the world and in His image we were created. His light reflections should echo throughout the deepest parts of our souls and reverberate in the world around us. Some of these posts will be somewhat light but mostly hardy, hoping to inspire a deep and renewed faith for anyone reading. But especially for this writer, who needs to be reminded daily, that every action and every word, is the light reflections of Jesus into her children’s lives. They will be a reflection of their mother, until they truly know the heart of the Father and then, I hope that their hearts and lives will be full of light and the goodness and love of Jesus.

enjoy our recent LIGHT REFLECTIONS posts

Prayer | Christian Living | Love for Jesus | Difficulties in Life | Life gives us so many questions and many times my prayer for answers is a plea for God to speak loud and clear and with no doubt left behind. God speak and let me hear.

I have a question Jesus: A Raw Prayer for Answers

Father, Abba, my-daddy-now, It's me. Your more-than-just-adopted-child. Your one-and-only-among-the-many. Your just-as-loved-as-Jesus-little-girl. I long to hold your hand, to cross all these streets of life with your physical body next to ...
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Spiritual encouragement | Christian Living | Spiritual warfare | 7 tips to fight back spiritually. Don't be a chicken. Learn what it takes to be a spiritual force so you aren't knocked down again and again.

7 Tips to Fight Back Spiritually

I've found an odd quirkiness about myself. I love to watch chickens. What opinionated-ly, stupidly, simple lives they live. It comfort's me in a silly sort of way, as if ...
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Church | Christian Living | Worship | Going to Church | Why you should go to church | Are you willing to take off your sandals and reveal the dirt beneath? Find out why you should go to church with dirty feet. Bring your dirty feet to church and see how God reveals your destiny.

Why You Should Go to Church with Dirty Feet

"Welcome everyone!" I smiled and looked over my guitar and down at my feet as I welcomed those who would be worshiping with me that Sunday morning... I paused. ...
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The quest for truth and growing in the knowledge of God is a never ending process. We have a free resource page for God lovers just like you, our subscriber

Free Resource Page for God Lovers

The quest for truth and growing in the knowledge of God and His saving grace is a never-ending process. It's a beautifully hard process, but so worth it. And it ...
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Spiritual Encouragement | Christian Living | Strengthening your spiritual life | My garden burned in hell.That caught your attention, right? Me too! When I first thought it, I sat back on my heels and thought, "Oh, man. That's bad."

My Garden Burned in Hell

My garden burned in hell. That caught your attention, right? Me too! Because when I first thought it, I sat back on my heels and thought, "Oh, man. That's bad." ...
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Life Dreams | God and dreams | Christian living | Spiritual Encouragement | Does God care about my dreams? A timeless question. Lay down your rights, dreams, hopes and goals and completely trust the Lord and follow what He has.

Does God Care About My Dreams?

I held my baby girl close. Almost too close. It was that embrace that feels like you want to swallow up your precious baby into yourself because you love them ...
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2016 Hunger Games Election

Why this election reminds me of the Hunger Games Election day is drawing near. Looming. And in all my 33 years I'm not sure I've witnessed anything quite like it. Although ...
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Finding God's will | Life's purpose | Direction in life | Are you in God's will? Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

Are You in God’s Will?

God's will. How many times have I uttered these words, "What is God's will for my life?"  Are you in God's will? Every time I read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 I think, ...
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Purity | Dating and Engagement Ideas | Dear future husband: For a young girl or boy, writing a letter to their future spouse can keep their focus on what is truly important in this world of dating. Find out how and why you can encourage your children or young teens you know, to start writing to their future spouse.

Dear Husband, I’m in 7th grade…

Dear future husband, "I'm in the 7th grade write now & 13 years old (I know that seems pretty young) I hope that God will work through our lives, whatever ...
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During the storm of life, how do you respond and how is your relationship with your Heavenly Father affected? Stand firm between the sheltering arms of God

During the Storm

 Many times during the storm of life, I've experienced these words so profoundly: I walk forward confidently, head held high between the sheltering arms of my Father. Not a care for anything but dwelling in His ...
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The one time all or nothing free gift: your life. In the hands of the Father, he is able to work immeasurably more than you ever thought possible.

The One Time All or Nothing Free Gift

 The one time all or nothing free gift: your life. To leave days, weeks, years, even a lifetime in the hands, under the care and subject to the molding, breaking, building, twisting, perfecting work and masterpiece of the Father is one ...
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Give everything to God | Give and you will receive | Spiritual encouragement | Christian living | God's way of giving doesn't make sense: give everything you have and then give more. But when we give to Him everything we have, He works miracles.

Nothing left? Then give more

God's way of giving doesn't make sense. It just doesn't. Give everything you have and then give more. How can it make sense to give everything? Jesus commends a widow for ...
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What in the Bible does that mean??

Bible questions we all would like to know Have you ever read verses or passages in the Bible and then said, "What??? What in the Bible does that mean??" I ...
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Spiritual Encouragement | Christian Living | Did Adam and Eve fight? Despite troubles and struggles in life, we can still turn to God and know that He redeems every part of our life.

Did Adam and Eve Fight?

Did Adam and Eve fight? I've wondered if Adam and Eve fought after their debacle and subsequent, sudden departure from the Garden of Eden. Did they fight when the ground ...
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