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House Renovations

Something old, something new in house renovationshouse renovations

I find this to be a beautiful thought: something old something new. In reality, “new” is short-lived. New things are quickly old and the next new thing makes its appearance. There is a simple beauty in turning old things new. Just as Jesus turns our old hearts into something beautiful and new. In reality, I need Him to scrub me new on a regular basis. Ripping out those hard nails that have become embedded into the planks of my life, the old lies stripped off my memories. It is an endless work He does in my life, but it’s worth it. As I continually work on my house renovations I will keep these thoughts close!


enjoy our recent HOUSE RENOVATIONS posts

Pallets | Building with Pallets | DIY Pallet Projects | Old Wood | There are at least 5 things you need to think about when you are working with pallets. They are a great tool: when used properly they're even more brilliant!

What You Need to Know When Working with Pallets

I can not hide it. And I'm not ashamed. I love pallets.  If you walked into our very...rustic (that's a good word for a dilapidated farm-house, right?) ... house, your ...
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Protected: Built In Cabinet Secret Compartment

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: ...
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Growth Chart | DIY Growth Chart | Measure a child's growth | This growth chart is a fun and easy project that will capture the growth of your children who are growing so fast! Add it to a door, wall, or board!

Fun Growth Chart

This growth chart was a fun project. It brought back all those memories from childhood that are sweet and beautiful. Memories of Dad that someday I alone will remember and ...
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Pallets | Barn Wood | How to build a cabinet | How to dream up and build yourself a homemade built in cabinet to suit your needs just perfectly! Pallets and barn wood are the foundation of this project!

Pallet and Barn Wood Built In Cabinet

Pallet and Barn Wood Built In Cabinet The porch. The dog porch. The place where all the dog hair, dirt, and mud dance around with glee. Also the place where tools, ...
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Pallets | Building with Pallets | Pallet Projects | Pallet Wall | A pallet wall designed to fit a little cowboy's dream! How to put together a pallet wall for any room in your house. Turn something old into something new!

Pallet Wall

Our boy's cowboy room with pallet wall. Pallet wall. Giddy-up! There is nothing more rustic than a pallet wall but it is also so beautiful with the different colors that ...
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Pallets | Building with Pallets | Cabinet Built with Pallets | Planned out just for your home, pallet cabinets can be the perfect addition to your home and give you much more needed storage space!

Pallet Cabinets

Pallet Cabinets OH! How I love before and after pictures! What an eyesore we had before I made these pallet cabinets! Not only was it an eyesore, it was inconvenient ...
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Pallets | Pallet Projects | Pallet Bed | Building with Pallets | An old bed can be transformed into a pallet toddler bed for a little cowboy's room with old pallets. Turn something old into something new and useful!

Pallet Toddler Bed

Pallet Toddler Bed We had an old bed, just pleading to be given a new look. I have a fetish for pallets and just happened to have a few lying around ...
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Pallets | Building with Pallets | Pallet Window Shutters | Pallet window shutters are a great addition to any room where you desire to block out light and have a rustic cowboy look.

Pallet Window Shutters

I value sleep.  Really.Value.Sleep.  I also am an introvert by nature and need my daily refueling alone time, which takes place perfectly during nap time! Each of the kids rooms are ...
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Organize | Pallets | Building with Pallets | We all have THAT cupboard. But a simple and inexpensive fix using pallet boards can make all the difference! Don't wait any longer! Organize that cupboard!

Organize that cupboard!

Rarely do I have any extra money to remodel and work on the house projects I am constantly dreaming up! (Thank you Pinterest! My poor husband!)  So, sometimes you just have ...
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