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Horse IQ

horse loving

The horse: energy, and motion and so very beautiful; strong and majestic and so very fragile; gentle and loving and so very perceptive. 

Our acquired knowledge of these magnificent creatures will never end. In their everyday care and our friendship with them and especially in training them, there is a limitless and never-ending amount of information to learn. We are committed to learning as much as we can about our horses. And we would like to share that information with you. Join us in this quest.

enjoy our recent HORSE IQ posts

Horses | Horse Care | Caring for horses | What does a horse really cost? Please utilize the FREE Horse Cost Calculator provided. Take a look at what owning a horse would really cost you

Can You Really Afford a New Horse Right Now?

Inside: A horse cost calculator is a great tool to help predict what a horse will cost. They are a large animal and do not come without cost! These tips ...
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Horses | Resources for horse owners | Owning a horse | Free resource page for horse owners

Free Resource Page for Horse Owners

I feel you. Owning a horse is wonderful and simple and all you've ever dreamed of. But there are also some challenging moments, right? Acquiring and hauling enough hay for ...
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Horses | Horse Training | Arena Exercises | A supple horse is the key to any good ride. Download 10 arena exercise patterns. Sign up and gain access to a library of free resources for horse owners

Every Time You Ride, Do This

A supple horse is the key to any good ride. No one wants to battle a horse that is impossible to turn. A horse who is continually ripping the reins down, can ...
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Horses | Horse Care | Horse Boarding | Are you boarding your horses? Then it would be worth it for you to learn how to not be THAT horse boarder.

Don’t be THAT Horse Boarder

I am the mother of a three-year old and a 7 month old. Wow, babies and tots are so different. I didn't realize this until I was the mother of ...
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Horses | Horse Training | Horse Care | "What should a horse know by the end of 30 days?" Print out this helpful, FREE printable: The 30 60 90 day horse to give you a training starting point.

The 30, 60, 90 Day Horse

The 30, 60, 90 Day horse is a hot topic. And there are a lot of opinions and varying answers. This is because there are so many variables:  age, personalities ...
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Horse Training | Horse Trainer | How to choose a horse trainer | FREE printable "Horse Trainer Questionnaire". With a little bit of thought you can make choosing a horse trainer a little bit easier.

“Choosing a Horse Trainer”

There are many opportunities that may arise where you could find yourself with a young horse needing to be started. You may have traded for one in a business deal, or ...
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Horse Training | Horse Care | Horses | Cowboy | Cowboy Lifestyle | What does it cost a trainer to train your horse? You may be surprised. Thank him for all the hard work he is doing for his family and for you.

What does it cost a horse trainer to train your horse?

 What does a horse trainer cost? And what does it cost a trainer to train your horse? Have you ever had a horse trainer work with your horse? What was ...
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Horses | Owning Horses | Buying a Horse | Print out the FREE worksheet: "My Ideal Horse Is" to aid you in buying a horse of your dreams. You will be glad you spent the time to figure it all out!

Consider These Questions When Buying a Horse

Owning horses is addicting, isn't it? It's hard to stop at just one. And with the advent of horses being marketed on Facebook, beautiful, new horses are literally at our ...
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Horses | Horse Care | How to Horses | Use this FREE hay cost calculator to find out how much it will cost you to feed your horse for the year. Get a handle on how much it can and will cost.

Hay Cost Calculator

What will it cost you to feed your horse for the year? Owning horses and feeding them for a year is no small feat. It requires a lot of diligence ...
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Horses | Horse Care | Owning Horses | Overweight Horses | Feeding Horses | Having an overweight horse just isn't worth it. You love your horse, but don't love it to death. Be wise in the amount of hay and grain you are feeding

Dangers of an Overweight Horse

We've probably all been there: owned that "easy keeper". Although hay can get spendy, golly! owning a horse is spendy, you may find that it can be a little too ...
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Horses | Horse Care | Horse Hay | Hay for Livestock | Explore pros and cons of feeding square bales verses round bales. Think through the different options to see what's best for you!

Round Bales Verses Square Bales

Horses have to be fed. Every day, morning and evening. It's an endless cycle of feed, water, clean up poop and hopefully, there is a bit of time left to ...
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Horses | How to sell a horse | Tips to sell a horse | These 10 ways to effectively market and sell your horse are helpful and effective! Horses | Selling Horses | How to sell a horse | Take the guess work out of how to sell your horse!

10 Ways to Effectively Market and Sell Your Horse

For horse owners there seems to always come a time when selling a horse is necessary. Whether you train and sell horses for a living or just came to the point where ...
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