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Hey, I'm Delci.    YOU can be self-sufficient.   YOU can earn income right where you are. 

Grab your "90 Ideas to Make a Profit on Your Property" worksheet.

And learn how to manage money God's way, especially considering the current financial crisis we may be facing.

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Homesteading is a journey like no other.

And thankfully, it is a re-emerging way of life.  For thousands of years until the invention of the automobile and the huge technological advances of the last century, it was just how life was lived.

Leaps in technology, education and the jobs available have been wonderful but it has taken us away from our roots of self-sufficiency. 

And that, dear friends, has led our great nation down a slippery slope to obesity, ravaging illnesses and am I allowed to say…laziness?  

But so many people are beginning to homestead right where they are. And it looks different and beautiful for each family. In the large spectrum of homesteading, some are living surrounded by buildings and people and some are living surrounded by trees and animals. 

It is living with the goal of being able to live a quality life by:

  • Knowing where the food on the table came from
  • Cooking healthy and nutritious food, preferably with food grown on the kitchen table or the garden outside.  
  • Living within a budget and means of the family so that no matter the economy or job situations, a self-sufficient lifestyle is able to provide nourishment, income and fulfillment 

enjoy our recent HOMESTEADING posts

Stewed Tomatoes

Stewed Tomatoes - - Tomatoes (About 24 large chopped, peeled, cored tomatoes), Celery (Chopped. About 1 stalk.), Onion (Chopped. About 1/2 medium.), Green Pepper (Chopped. About 1/2 medium.), Sugar, Salt, ...
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How to Peel Tomatoes [6 Different Ways!]

Inside: When a pile of tomatoes are ready to be worked with, it is so important to know how to peel tomatoes quickly and effieciently. Here are 6 different ways ...
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Are you and your community empowered with these all important survival tools and ready for a catastrophe? A much better way to prepare than bugging out!

Survival Tools: A Better Way to Prepare Than Bugging-Out when SHTF

"Come on! Let's go! We have five minutes to get everything loaded!" The inevitable catastrophe has happened. You saw it coming and prepared. Ready with your survival tools, you moved ...
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Homesteading | Money Making Homestead | Begin Homesteading | Starting to Homestead | Farm life | How to Homestead | 7 tips to homesteading with no money. You can set out with this 7 step plan and each year get closer to your homesteading dreams. Just don't give up.

Homesteading With No Money

I groaned and rubbed my hands down my face in exasperation. "Where does it all go?" This "It" being money. Having any money is like: ...sand running through your fingers ...
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Homesteading | Making money on a Homestead | Earn an income homesteading | Homesteading income | Money making homestead | FREE PROFIT/LOSS & PROJECTED COSTS WORKSHEETS. What does it take to be profitable homesteading? Over 90 ideas to get you started!

Planning Out a Profitable Homesteading Year

It's that time of year...'s that time of year all year long, isn't it? The time to sit down, find an old envelope to scribble on and figure out how ...
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Pallets | Building with Pallets | DIY Pallet Projects | Old Wood | There are at least 5 things you need to think about when you are working with pallets. They are a great tool: when used properly they're even more brilliant!

What You Need to Know When Working with Pallets

I can not hide it. And I'm not ashamed. I love pallets.  If you walked into our very...rustic (that's a good word for a dilapidated farm-house, right?) ... house, your ...
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Ducks | Hatching Duck Eggs | Successful Hatching Rates | Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a successful hatch rate with duck eggs? Step by step instructions on how to get the best results!

How to Get a 60% Hatch Rate with Duck Eggs

Hatching is so fun and addicting! It is a fascinating process and produces such cute results! So what does it take to have a good hatch rate? Hop on over ...
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Incubating eggs | Build an incubator | Hatching eggs | How to build the best incubator. The incubator you choose is the most important decision you will make if you plan on regularly hatching eggs.

How to Build “The Best” Incubator

I only say that my incubator is "the best" 😉 for several reasons: It's as old as they come It's homemade It gives me excellent hatch rates! (Even with it ...
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“Honey, God will never bless us with more, until we are thankful for what we already have…”

9 Amazing Homesteaders Share Thankful Thoughts

“Honey, God will never bless us with more, until we are thankful for what we already have…” What are you thankful for this year?  To get you started, these wonderful ...
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Milking goats | Homemade milk filters | Goat Care | Homemade milk filters for the "just in case". You may run out at an inconvenient moment and would also be ready if there ever were a shortage of filters

Homemade Milk Filters Using a Bed Skirt

Inside: Homemade milk filters for the "just in case". You may run out at an inconvenient moment and would also be ready if there ever were a shortage of filters. This ...
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The benefits of raw milk are astounding. If your family members are milk drinkers, you will find it worth it to look into raw milk.

Benefits of Raw Milk That YOU Need!

Inside: The benefits of raw milk are astounding. If your family members are milk drinkers, you will find it worth it to look into raw milk. If you are a goat ...
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Homesteading | Kids and Chores | Why should children be involved in the process of your homestead and all the chores involved? It is a questions worth exploring. You won't regret their help and they will thank you later! Free age appropriate chore chart

Children and Homesteading Chores: Why and How

Endless work. Endless chores. Endless memories. That is the life of a homesteader.  And having children in the midst of all the work can complicate things by adding more work ...
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Homesteading | Take this fun quiz to find out where you fall in the spectrum! And let me know your results! What a journey we are on, right?

What Type of a Homesteader are YOU? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

Do you consider yourself a homesteader? I hope so 🙂 because homesteading is so fulfilling and fun! A lot of hard work, but worth it in every step of the ...
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Homemade crackers | Sourdough crackers | Soup crackers | Thin, crispy & flavor filled sourdough KAMUT wheat cracker uses the organic and non-genetically altered wheat. Great for dips, cheese and a snack by itself

Homemade Sourdough KAMUT Wheat Cracker

I will never deny that I love a crisp, salty and flavorful cracker. But I've also gotten rid of most of the processed foods in our cupboards. There have been ...
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Homesteading | Fall Garden Checklist | Homestead Work | Homesteading in the Fall | A day in the life of a modern day homesteader: wonderful, full of blessings but not much down time! Download a free fall garden checklist.

A Day in the Life of a Modern Homesteader Fall Edition

What a life we choose to live! It is wonderful and full of so many blessings! But it certainly doesn't leave us much down time! We are continually on the ...
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Homesteading | Kamut Wheat | Ancient Grains | In my opinion, KAMUT wheat is superior than the modern wheat available for many reasons. Here are my eight reasons why I only use Kamut wheat. Do you agree?

Why I Only Use KAMUT Wheat as a Homesteader

Is there anything like the smell of fresh, home-baked bread? And when you cut that first slice after taking it out of the oven... steaming: the butter melts quickly and ...
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Homesteading | Homesteading help | Resources for Homesteaders | Free resource page for homesteaders..

Free Resource Page for Homesteaders

Oof. Homesteading is hard work, isn't it? It's a never-ending circle of life and getting things done! But that's where we would like to step in and help you out ...
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Pallets | How to use pallets | Building with Pallets | Two reasons why pallets are awesome. And how to use pallets in your home and on your homestead right away. Great ideas to keep you going!

Why and How To Use Pallets…for EVERYTHING!

Pallets.are.awesome. I really don't know how to say it any other way. I use pallets for almost everything...if I can. So, why? Why use pallets around your home and homestead? ...
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Pallets | Build with Pallets | Pallets are the best invention ever for those of us who value the high cost of free wood. Watch this helpful video to see how to take a pallet apart.

How To Take a Pallet Apart

Pallets are the best invention ever for those of us who value the high cost of free wood. No, seriously. If you don't believe me you better take a moment ...
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Homesteading | Funny Homesteading | Spirited, spunky, grab-life-by-the-horns kinda gal: Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind. What does she teach us about homesteading?

What I Learned about Homesteading from Gone with the Wind

My husband just said, "Who would want to be a homesteader? It's so much, stinkin' hard work!" He had just, almost single-handedly, stacked 70+ ton of small square bales. Taking ...
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