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Gardening Tips: YOU can have a great garden!

Inside: Gardening tips and tricks--because we all lack the time and sometimes money! Below you will find a valuable set of resources to help you in your gardening, not only to understand what is going on beneath the soil but also how to get the biggest and best productive garden you can, no matter the size.

For years, I planted my garden and because seeds know what to do, they grew. And amazingly, they produced enough for our family to eat through the summer and can for the winter.

It’s pretty cool how that works, isn’t it?

Gardening tips for people like me

But there is always a better way. And gardening tips and tricks was exactly what I needed. I needed to take a “gardening tips for beginners 101” course. The cool thing about life is that my path has led me to a beautiful source of people who live and love gardening and know what they’re talking about.

What about you? Are you planting seeds and they grow because that’s what seeds do? But that’s about it?

There are so many easy gardening tips, that are not only effective but won’t take a lot of your time. Really, once they are implemented they will actually save time!

And in our busy world, saving time can be the make or break of a great gardening year.

To start off, here are a few pointers that you should consider as you begin gardening:

• Understand what is going on BENEATH the surface of your garden.

– And there is a lot going on! Don’t forget about those invisible microorganisms that keep the whole system working.

– Learn more about how important worms are to the life of your soil.

• Understand your impact on what is going on in the soil beneath your feet.

– Implement no-till gardening

View weeds differently. They give you an insiders look into how healthy your garden is.

– Utilize companion planting to prevent pests and diseases from taking over.

• Learn the best techniques and practices to keep your garden plants as healthy as possible through the hot summer months.

As you can see, the whole gardening process is about LEARNING. It’s so important to become a student of your garden.

Learning to “copy” nature will also give the best results as well. “Nature knows best”, right? When we learn to observe what nature is already doing, and then implement those techniques, we will most likely have found the best way to treat our soil and plants in our specific area.

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And you can’t stop there! Here are a few more tips for your garden savvy mind:

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