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Hey, I'm Delci.    YOU can be self-sufficient.   YOU can earn income right where you are. 

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Life on a “modern day homestead”



Living and loving life on a “modern day homestead”

“I would love to help and encourage you, in whatever stage you are in, as you live the farm life dream, to know that it is practical and prudent to endeavor into living a life where you have hands on interaction with your food from start to finish and that this process doesn’t have to be a financial burden and in fact can be a financial blessing and that having your own animals and a sustainable living from your own property, creates such a physical and emotion well-being that is hard to surpass in my opinion.

I completely understand this obsession. You start out with a couple of chickens and then end up with 22…23…ok, 26 chickens of all varieties, and then you begin researching how nutritious goat milk is and then you have a nanny and several kids. Then what do you do with all that extra milk? It would be horrible to throw it away, so it makes sense to get a bum calf. And why not add in pigs while you’re at it? Of course there is a garden added to the mix. Oh! And bees! All your pretty flowers and garden need bees, so you might as well get a hive or two, because honey is healthy and nutritious and our world is in need of bees!

It’s a beautiful life, with lots of ups and downs as you are learning every day a better way to do things, whether that means saving you time or money, or both!

We would love for you to join us as we are in this ever learning adventure. We all have so much to learn and no doubt I will be learning from you! Please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter, so you can stay updated with all the helpful information we will be gathering together! I would love to share this adventure with you.”





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Delci Plouffe is passionate about teaching others how to be more self-sufficient and ultimately God-sufficient. Read Delci's inspiring comeback story, "From Bad Blood to Crazy Goat Lady." Feel free to send Delci a message here.