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Welcome to "A Life of Heritage"

First off, why the name "A Life of Heritage"? We believe that every day is weaving the heritage of our past into our future. And that is important and shouldn't be taken lightly. 

Secondly, why visit A Life of Heritage regularly? I think that's a really good question:

  • "Heritage Club Stables" represents all of our horse and cowboy posts and yes, we are "horse loving". By golly, we do own way too many horses! This is what we offer you: horse related articles, tips, and ideas but we also go deeper into the real life, authentic cowboy lifestyle. Being a cowboy is no easy job, and we want to make life easier for cowboys with encouragement, insights into the cowboy lifestyle and how to become a better, more confident cowboy. 

  • "Heritage Homestead" will cover all of our "farm living" topics. We personally have dived right into living a more self-sustaining lifestyle. We desire to inspire you to start homesteading right where you are by making healthier lifestyle choices and utilizing the space you currently have. We will share what we have learned through our own homesteading journey, with the hope that it will spark an idea and interest in you, to get you that much closer to your dream. 

  • And "Heritage Everlasting" captures how our eternal heritage is waiting but for now, we are "ever learning". We can never leave out or hide that we believe our entire existence and purpose is for more than ourselves. And that is why we write about our relationship with God. We hope that it will light a fire in you by giving you helpful tips, advice, insights and printables.  

And the best thing we can offer you? Access to our password protected resource page. Sign up and you will receive an email with the password and details. We want to give you as much information and resources as possible to succeed! Click above on "I Want In!" above and get immediate access :)

Up here in the Big Sky Country of Lewistown, Montana, we are
continually learning the art of horses, farm life and becoming more like Jesus.

Delci Plouffe is a stay at home mom who is married to a day-workin', pistol-packin', cowboy-preacher, minus the pistol--not that she wouldn't be surprised if Bill wore one! Their lives are full of non-stop go, but some days neither Bill nor Delci know which direction they are headed. And if they ever figured out how to get on the same page and not argue about the details, they would be a dynamic duo!

Bill only survives with coffee (very black coffee) in his system and just hand all the chocolate over to Delci, thank you! Their son Josiah just turned three and Hadassah has recently joined the ranks of the Plouffe family.

Our deepest desire is to encourage you to turn your eyes upward and outward.

Our Creator longs for us to weave His presence into every crack of our lives, even to the point of us asking Him, "What should I eat and wear today?" He cares about your every day moments of happiness, and wants to get in the middle of your meltdowns. He has the wisdom to help you train and love on your horses. He has the knowledge you need as you are working and living on your farm and house. He is continually asking us to ever and always be learning.

The information we share here is to help you with horse loving, farm living and ever learning from the perspective of an active, day-working cowboy and a farm girl at heart who both love Jesus and want to share how He reaches into every part of our lives. 

Follow our journey as we navigate our way through life, learning how to glorify God in everything we do: as we ride horses, work on our acre farm and renovate our farmhouse on a budget.

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